Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Autism, need I say more?


Wonder Twin Powers ACTIVATE

Autism, need I say more? Yes, there’s a lot more to say actually. My three and a half year old twin boys are teaching me this everyday. Our beautiful boys were born to us with no complications at birth, at least not any that we were aware of. They were strong, healthy, and ACTIVE. They both walked before they turned one, they ate like champs, and always had a special bond. Then the gap of communication began to divide them like the parting of the Red Sea. Trevor’s language soared, Darren remained silent. Don’t get me wrong, Darren laughed, cried, and made certain unrelated sounds, but no words. How could this be?
Autism, need I say more? Yes, Darren was diagnosed with Autism. Trevor is not at all autistic but he is also living with Autism as is our entire family and circle of supportive friends. This diagnosis was a life changing experience for us all. Of course, as with any situation, we all deal with things differently. It hit me hard at first, so hard that at times I felt I couldn’t breathe. After touring a potential school for Darren, I actually gasped for air. That day changed our lives. We became pro-active from that day forward. What does this have to do with superheroes?
Autism, need I say more? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if there were some autism fighting superheroes to save all the children affected by this epidemic? In my eyes, Trevor is just that, and together, they create Super Twin Power. They have always had each other. They, from day one, have been in this together. Together they fight this epidemic with true brotherly love. I have always said that I learned early on to let go of preconceived dreams in regards to these boys. Just when I think that I am teaching them, they are teaching me more. Their unconditional love is breaking down walls. Darren has begun to use simple sign language, yes, so has Trevor. (I have to laugh because anyone who knows Trevor knows that he would have made me say that) He learned 6 signs in a week’s time. He is making wonderful, purposeful sounds. Just hearing his voice make real sounds is just amazing. It takes my breath away.

Autism, need I say more? Yes! I’ve started running almost every day. It seemed like the fastest and easy way to exercise. But it’s become so much more. I now run for clarity and for Darren. Running is about breathing, about control, about strength, about endurance, and about pushing yourself that much further. Today I could have run around the world. Some days, my body is so tired. On those days I say to myself, keep running, keep fighting, Darren is. Right before my run, Trevor suggested that we go downstairs and work with Darren. So tonight, my run was a little later than normal. I’ve decided to never turn down Trevor’s request, it means a lot to him, which ends up meaning a lot to Darren. I relate it to my asking my dad to play catch, he never said no. He knew that if I asked, then I really wanted to do it. Life lessons seem to come full circle these days. The world seems to be full of real life superheroes: Parents, teachers, therapist, family, friends and brothers.

Autism, need I say more? Lastly, yes. We feel so blessed to have our Super Twins. We are also so thankful for all of the love and support that we have received. Breakthroughs are worth sharing. This is one that I wish I could shout from the highest mountain top. Love to all!

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